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A smart lock for your home

Secure access without using keys


Less stress with the eVy smart lock

Lost or forgotten key? Tired of having to make duplicate keys for the whole family? The eVy smart lock is the solution !

With eVy, no more keys, you unlock your door with your smartphone, a code via the eDy keypad or NFC badges. If a badge is lost, it can be deleted directly via the Elocky app and you can set up a new one: faster and much cheaper than rekeying.

The smart lock is a the right solution for the whole family. For a child returning from school, he or she can open the door with a wristband badge. The teenager will be able to open the door with his smartphone. And for those who do not have a phone, they will be able to unlock with a code. Finally, there are 3 types of access for the eVy smart lock permanent (24h/24), temporary (from date A to date B), and finally recurring for example every Tuesday at 2pm.

This connected solution is installed on all doors fitted with a European size cylinder.

Mobile Applicatiob

The benefits of a smart lock at home

  • No loss of key : more safety for the whole family
  • Alarm mode : be alerted to the slightest intrusion attempt.
  • Remote management : in case of absence, unlock the door or share a guest access with the person waiting outside your home.
  • Freedom and flexibility : create temporary access for craftsmen, third parties. You no longer need to set up days and move around.

More information

Smart solutions for your needs

  • The eVy smart lock and emergency key for exterior and/or interior doors that have a European size cylinder
  • The eDy keypad to unlock the connected lock without additional accessories
  • The eVy double lock to equip the garden gate
  • The key box to secure the battery, spare key, and removal key for the eVy smart lock
  • eZy box to make remote openings (can manage several locks)
  • Opening sensor, motion radar and beacon (they must work with the eZy box) to be warned remotely of the slightest intrusion

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