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Safety first

We set up various safe computing ways in order to guarantee your home safety.


Security between the lock and servers

AES is a famous encryption algorithm known for being used by governments, banks and high security systems all around the world.

  • We are not based on the security of Bluetooth (pairing with pin code) but by our own security system (owner).
  • We communicate with encrypted frames that only our server can generate.
  • Each time you open/close the door, a new encryption key is generated in order to ensure one unique crypted opening code for each lock/unlock.
  • If a lock is undergoing an attempted hack, it is able to auto-detect it, and reject the hacker.

Communication / Security

Communications with the lock can be done in different ways, but always need to pass through our highly secured server.

  • Your smartphone requests the opening frame to the server, which send it back by the same way to the lock after approval.
  • Your smartphone remotely asks opening to the server that forwards (after approval) the frame to the lock through the associated gateway.
  • The mobile application and the gateway do not create the frames.
We use one ephemeral encryption key, known only to our system and your connected lock , which make communications sealed and absolutely unusable by any unknown person.