The electronic emergency key of the eVy by Elocky lock

Elocky offers, in addition to its connected lock, an electronic emergency key to be able to open its door.


A new secure and connected emergency key new

No more fear of losing your backup key, they are now programmable.

  • Low Energy Bluetooth chip 4.1.
  • 256-bit AES encryption.
  • 320mAh battery rechargable by micro-usb.
  • Possibility of time limitation.
  • Possibility of whitelist/blacklist.

Using the emergency key

To use an emergency key, the electronic button must be removed, the emergency key near the smart-phone and the lock:

  • Go to the "access" menu, "keys" tab, select the lock you wish to open, then click on the "activate" button.
  • A countdown timer will appear and the key will be active for 15 seconds, then present it on the cylinder, push and turn to open.

We use one ephemeral encryption key, known only to our system and your connected lock , which make communications sealed and absolutely unusable by any unknown person.


If you want to simplify key delivery, choose eVy !