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Forget your keys : adopt eVe, the smart door lock


While keeping manual locking, eVe allows you virtual keys managment, remote control and surveillance of your property, all from your smartphone

Easily share your keys

Easily share your keys

Total control of your locks without moving and without the inconvenience of a physical copy of the keys.

Great autonomy

Great autonomy

With its low electric consumption, eVe is able to operate up to 3 years.

Active surveillance

Active surveillance

Thanks to the elocky gateway, you will be informed in real time about any attempts to break in before they even occur.

Secured connections

Secured connections

We use several reliable and proven standards of encryption for the security of your data.


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Smartlock eVe by elocky

Our product uses the best technology, simple and effective design allied with brushed metal and thermoformed materials.

  • Motion sensor for surveilling your property with shock detection.
  • Encryption AES 256 bits for Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 communication
  • Card and RFID badge reading
  • One 1/2 AA battery and a physical, emergency/back up key
mobile-access mobile-home1 mobile-home2

Applications Android/iOS/Windows Phone

Manage and share virtual keys easily, thanks to our mobile application : no need to make hard copies of keys!

  • Regular access for : cleaning staff, baby sitter etc.
  • Temporary access for : tenant, a friend etc.
  • RFID badges and permanent access for family, children etc.

Activate the alarm mode !

Complimentary to the lock, we propose a gateway which allows connection over the internet in order to add functions, and ensure everything remains completely sure.

  • Detection and notification of real time intrusions attemps
  • Possibility to connect other products such as : intrusion capture, camera and motion capture.
  • Know the state of the lock remotely

Easy installation

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Elocky SAS

Eve by Elocky is an intelligent, European, cylinder lock. It allows remote, virtual control and surveillance of your property, all from your smartphone with bluetooth


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